Is a powerful thing. I find even with the great amount that I work I still have time for all that I enjoy, all who I enjoy and of course because of my level of passion and commitment work is on the list as well. I have a job to do, to serve, we all do.  Once you find out what that job is, magically everything else will fall into place.

When we make time for nonsense people wasteful things, we do not meet meaningful people or see beautiful things. I am grateful to time for all the moments I will have branded on my soul that are positive taking away any negative or unpleasant experiences of my past.

Making time for what and who matters is another reason we have a documentation system that captures all we need in a way no other has been able to do in such a robust fashion! It leads us to craft positions of enhanced quality and save tons of money in the process.

Stop wasting time!❤️

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