The Miracle of Ruby Docs

We knew there was a better way. 

So we developed Ruby Electronic Docs (RED) because it was time for a system that met the real documentation needs of real behavioral clinicians — like us — and real clinics (like our own Elegant Clinical Corp.)  Two years down the road and Ruby documentation software just keeps getting better and better, based on lessons we learn every day from practical experience and valuable input from fellow clinicians across the Country. 
Gone are wasted days struggling with mounds of paperwork in awkward binders, frustrating searches for missing documents in different formats, annoying fumbling as sheet protectors fall from worn out binders as precious time slips away. Gone too is dreaded report writing, and documentation of goals and behaviors which compete for time with the daily routine of activities, social skills development and incentive programs for individuals.  Instead RED brings simplicity and harmony to our daily routine without the distraction of those important, but time-consuming, reports.  Thanks to RED, our reports are now completed quickly, thoroughly, and accurately with exceptional care and attention to detail with the push of a button.

Now we are able to locate a specific behavior, goal, incentive, or positive behavior graph. We are able to let families and other stakeholders know what work task, activity, or social skill an individual took part in at any given time on any given day. RED is an easy to use, just plain smart, intuitive system that has made our lives and our work so much easier.

The Benefits of RED – A snapshot
All the data you need in one location. 
If you have Wi-Fi you have access.
No more counting behavior data. With a click, a graph appears.
Nor more figuring our goal percentages. A goals are calculated for you.
Positive behaviors are graphed-so moving into a Positive Behavior Support (PBS) model is easy
No need for bulky, expensive binders for Progress Notes, or Confidential Books
More quality time free for individuals served
Ability to quickly print emergency fact sheets and individual plan reports in the RED format direct from client records.
Behavioral Plans are built in for ease of use with proactive, reactive and functional analysis. Behaviorists/Clinicians can finally focus on what is most important: clients served, teams and quality of care.
Medication management is all in one spot! Administer, Doctor’s Order, Rights, Sign off
Documentation Management area includes a PDF to Word Converter.

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