Getting On the Road with Our Solution

When I first set out to find an electronic documentation system for our agency, Elegant Clinical Corporation, I couldn’t find what I was looking for. What was available was either too hard to learn, difficult to install, or too generic to use. Instead of making life easier for us they just created more work for them. They were also expensive and required endless training sessions. Again, more work!

So I set out to develop a product that had all the features we needed at low cost, was easy to use and was designed specifically for people like us. I’m pleased to report that we did it! We are now using it, benefiting from it, and sharing that benefit with others.

I couldn’t be more proud of what my team has accomplished. We have been traveling over the past few weeks, meeting with people, talking about Ruby Electronic Docs and educating our niche market about what we have done. It is a product you will want to use, want to tell others about and that we are proud to share with others.

Because we truly know and care about the individuals we serve, we are offering our solution, Ruby Electronic Docs, to our industry. We offer a provider-to-provider product because we care. And we understand.