Do you love enough?

Do you love enough?  No matter what you do, family, friends, job should be with love.  My passion extends into all of these areas.  When you truly care about people, this is what happens and I do believe we all share this love for others, maybe some showing in more positive ways than others.  One of the things that I do know is love is shown, felt through all the senses and it withstands anything no matter what.  At times, we may get mad at the choices of our loved ones, those around us, but that doesn’t mean our love should lessen.  At times of struggle is when love should elevate even more. It is those times when we all want to feel the love more when we can hardly feel it for ourselves.

Our program is built on the foundation of love which has always enhanced quality of care which is always the mission.  Quality of care doesn’t look like what it would like like for each of us as individuals, it looks like whatever it should look like for your individuals served and your staff.  When you create an environment of love, you will surely get it back!  This allows for more time, more respect and decency and a recreation of the family environment that some people never had the first time around.  It’s that recreation coupled with love that make everything worthwhile.