Ruby Loyalty: What You Have Always Wanted

Today Ruby Docs offers the documentation product you have always wanted. We know this from speaking with current users, from others who have seen what Ruby can do, and from users of other products that just don’t compare with Ruby (and cost a lot more!). And we also know it from our own experience in clinical services.

Ruby works so well because it is easy to use. There is little, or no, customization required to start up. You can move into Ruby seamlessly. There are no high startup costs to get in the way. You are quickly able to begin creating reports and using them effectively.

We know Ruby works because we created it to solve the problems we encountered preparing and recording Progress Notes in our own business, Elegant Clinical Services. We tried available solutions but decided we could do better ourselves. Since then in demonstrations to other organizations and in comments from other Ruby users we’ve gotten lots of valuable feedback. We found we weren’t the only ones unhappy with the record-keeping products out there. In fact, the reviews of our competitors were dismal!  Their products were so complicated and difficult to learn, many users wished they could return to paper entries and binders full of paper stored on bookshelves.

We have spoken with others who have worked for organizations without reporting systems. The responses are always the same. Do they like the product they are using? The answer is almost always something like, “It’s Ok, but we need to do a lot of training. And it’s really expensive!”

Ruby is the answer for anyone working with individuals with intellectual, developmental and mental health disabilities. It is a great, easy-to-use product designed specifically for users like you – and us. We have been generating lots of positive feedback and generate more wherever go. We are encouraged we can continue to build enthusiasm wherever we go, because we have a product that works!

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