Recognition goes a long way. I always feel good when someone thinks of us. The holidays are traditionally a time when we recognize those closest to us. We send them a card or a note, give them a gift. Talk to them. It could be those we know through business, or our personal lives. No matter. It is a time when we express our gratitude for those who are part of our lives and part of our universe.

But lately I see less gratitude being expressed. Maybe it is because we are all so busy, so preoccupied and stressed there is no time to reflect gratitude for, and to, those who make our lives better. Maybe it is the volatile world we live in? Yet I really, really believe that recognition and gratitude are the foundations of our personal and professional life and must always be expressed.

It is really important to keep our relationships alive and intact. As a company, as part of the Ruby community, and for all those who are part of our success, we want everyone to know we are so grateful for knowing you. We recognize how wonderful you are . . . and thank you every day.

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