Keys to Successful Programming for your Agency

Keys to Successful Programming

In order to truly see if your mission is being complete, it’s essential to carry out data so that you are able to see if what you predict to be successful is in fact just that, successful!

With that being said even prior to our wellness initiative we have seen great success in our program. The data we use is decrease in staffing, increase in participation whether it be work, social skills or activities and increase in overall joy!

Guess what, we have that at Elegant Clinical ( our home base not for profit organization serving people with disabilities in Connecticut. This is exciting times. So, what is the key to success for this? Well, it’s consistency across the board for one compiled with love. We keep a rigorous schedule with very little downtime. Individuals served have staff they can count on because our retention rates are so low because our staff are happy too!

So if you are looking for the keys to success it is consistency across the board. Many programs need to enhance measures to reach the same milestones. Make sure you have employees who are in it for the right reasons, schedule that is kept up on by management and incentives for individuals served and staff alike. Let’s all be part of this huge success!

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