Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Cost of Ruby?

Ruby is affordable to all agencies across the world.  If you want the system as it is, it is a set fee.  If you would like additions to the system, you pay for those modifications as a one time fee.  You will be surprised at how affordable Ruby is.

  1. What happens if I have new individuals at my company during the contract year?

Add them and we will pro-rate the billing.

  1. How many people can access the system at once?

As many as need to use it.  We are fully equipped with Enterprise level software to accommodate all of your users.

  1. How does the system calculate percentages?

Automatically based on the data that you enter daily.  You will find this feature one you can not live without once you start using it.

  1. Is the system approved for my state regulations?

For those states that work with electronic documentation systems, then yes, we can hook in and those without, States, users and alike will love the Ruby system as it gives way for a terrific system that supports all you need in your industry.

  1. How often is the system updated?

As needed and monthly, if not more frequently with the innovation, ideas and changes regularly happening.  If you have an idea that all can use, by all means, share with the Ruby team and we will add it for all.

  1. Is there a cost to use the help desk?

No, it is all inclusive with the price.

  1. Is there any certain down times for maintenance?

Usually if maintenance is done it is after 11PM

  1. If something happened and the system crashed how would companies receive their backed info? (flash drive, disk, email etc.)

Since the system is backed up daily, it could be restored again from backup. Thus, a crash or issue would not need to be dealt with by disk, usb drive, etc. The application in the cloud would always be restored and again made available.