Less Behaviors? What!!!

Less Behaviors WHAT?

How do you get less behaviors from individuals served with developmental, intellectual and mental health disabilities? It’s all in the details!

When they talk negative refocus them to positive. Because many of us not even those with disabilities can remain stuck in a negative mindset, do your best to show them that they don’t have to be. Praise for the positive.

When they ask for something, pay attention. Think about what you need in order to live a fulfilling life. Things you may not have needed years ago but times change. We are all looking to fit in, be loved and have things in life that make it worthwhile. Listen to the little things. Keep consistent and follow the plan. Make sure the plan makes sense. Tweak as necessary and have fun!

Watch those behaviors go bye bye.

Branching out to the Unknown…

Branching out to the unknown…

Branching out can be uneasy, make you feel on edge, out of your comfort zone. Flying to somewhere you have never been before, going out on a date, starting that first job after college, moving out of your home, divorce any change can be the unknown.

The unknown when your eyes are open can lead to some of the most beautiful exhilarating experiences, I know for me this is truth. I have traveled to places I never expected, seen beauty in people and things I never believed I would see and made lists of so many more places I want to go! It’s pretty incredible!

I have gone places alone. I have ventured out to be myself and talk to people listening to their interests. It’s amazing who you can meet who you were intended to connect with. The only way you are able to get that is through branching out to the unknown or becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Routine is comfortable for sure but I don’t feel like we will ever reach true evolution and growth without uncomfortable lessons, variety of experiences good and bad and that invaluable beauty in this world.

Branch out, get uncomfortable and you will find the most exhilarating, attractive product for this industry serving people with disabilities has arrived, Ruby Docs! Join us today in this movement for quality!

Keys to Successful Programming for your Agency

Keys to Successful Programming

In order to truly see if your mission is being complete, it’s essential to carry out data so that you are able to see if what you predict to be successful is in fact just that, successful!

With that being said even prior to our wellness initiative we have seen great success in our program. The data we use is decrease in staffing, increase in participation whether it be work, social skills or activities and increase in overall joy!

Guess what, we have that at Elegant Clinical (www.elegantclinical.com) our home base not for profit organization serving people with disabilities in Connecticut. This is exciting times. So, what is the key to success for this? Well, it’s consistency across the board for one compiled with love. We keep a rigorous schedule with very little downtime. Individuals served have staff they can count on because our retention rates are so low because our staff are happy too!

So if you are looking for the keys to success it is consistency across the board. Many programs need to enhance measures to reach the same milestones. Make sure you have employees who are in it for the right reasons, schedule that is kept up on by management and incentives for individuals served and staff alike. Let’s all be part of this huge success!

Pay for Success

Pay for Success is in other states besides Connecticut.  It is time that providers who serve those with developmental and intellectual disabilities start taking a look at the model and making sure that data collection is in check!  Pay for success will incentive providers who are doing the work, the good work we all want to do.  It will allow providers to get rewards for moving people forward toward their goals for jobs, more productivity, decrease in challenging behaviors, decrease in medications and increase in the quality of life.

Look no further, Ruby Electronic Docs does it all.  You will get your incentives as a provider, not just the incentives we give out to the individuals we serve!