Product #1  Progress Notes
Product #2 Clinic Software


Simple, straight-forward organization so you can find what you need when you need it.

Share your files across multiple devices and platforms.

Ruby Electronic Docs allows your agency’s direct care support staff to quickly and easily enter the critical information they intake in one place – and access it from any web-enabled device — desktop, laptop, or tablet


    General Info
    Emergency Fact Sheet Requirements
    Work/Day Program
    Important to Know Section
    Behavior/Clinical Plan
    Incident Reports
    Confidential Logs


    Adaptive Living Skills (ADLs)
    Manage Client Behaviors, Goals & Incentives
    Staff Training
    IP Info and Treatment Plans
    Staff Time Report
    Staff Check In’s


    Donor Management
    Export of all Progress Note & Incident Report Data


The Ruby Vision

All people with intellectual, developmental and mental disabilities deserve to live a fulfilling and purposeful life. They need the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to society. They also should be able to make decisions, act on them, and understand their repercussions. To accomplish this you need a dedicated staff to maintain a caring and supportive environment.

Ruby helps organizations work more effectively with clients and support staff. Ruby’s precise monitoring of daily client activities helps avoid surprises that negatively impact direct care staff, the dedicated professionals who work so hard every day to make informed decisions about the individuals in their care. Ruby is able to detect problems, solve them, and implement corrective measures without confrontation. The result is a work environment that avoids discord, conflict, and stress with reduced turnover and higher success rates. It also avoids unnecessary regulatory hurdles by giving regulators exactly what they need.

At our own agency, Elegant Clinical, we are fueled by the positive energy Ruby generates, helping our clients gain control of their personal resources. Ruby provides the up-to-date information you need to get the best from your employees and clients. We believe that every person who works for, or receives services from, Ruby is in the process of growing, developing skills, making choices, and becoming more interconnected with the community.  We firmly believe there are no limits to what we can accomplish together if we are motivated, inspired and armed with all the right information.

Our Mission
To ensure that people with Intellectual, Developmental and Mental Disabilities are provided focused and dedicated care and coaching in a supportive and professional environment.

Our Strategy and Contribution
Develop and offer the highest quality products and services, that meet all stakeholder needs and requirements, and allows care providers in the Intellectual, Developmental and Mental Disabilities industry to minimize administrative time and maximize client interaction time. Our focus is on quality and maximized care provider interaction with clients.

We’re direct service professionals and we are working in the field all the time. We work with people with intellectual, developmental and mental health disabilities. And Ruby Red is the tool we always wished we had to help us do our job.

We know that when you’re working with someone, administering meds, providing on-site training, scheduling family meetings and all the tasks that you must do every day – you don’t have time to write your notes or even find a computer to log in and click on the different screens to enter the information. So, we’ve developed an app that lets you enter what you need to enter, when you need to enter it.

The Ruby Story
At Ruby we started with decades of hands on experience providing services for people with intellectual, developmental and mental health disabilities. We then opened our own agency, Elegant Clinical Corporation, in 2012. We quickly learned there was an ongoing need for our agency services. We also learned our industry needed a comprehensive, easy-to-use system for preparing and storing the thousands of pages of documents required when working with individuals with disabilities requires. Working with our team of software engineers, we developed the Ruby Electronic Documentation System, or “Ruby Docs”. Today Ruby Docs has evolved into an elite system that truly meets the needs of all of us who work in the disabilities field at the state, regional, national and international level. The Ruby system was first developed and tested at our own agency where we applied our working knowledge and experience to build a “dream system”. Our background is in psychology but we are growing and expanding our services into new areas of intellectual and mental health. We are proud of what our software development team has accomplished, but will continue to build upon our success as a developer of easy to use, easy-to-learn, affordable record keeping systems for medical professionals. We encourage you to join us on what we are sure will be an exciting and productive journey.

About The Founders

Karen Lapienski-Gaston, Ed.D., Chief Executive Officer
Karen has a diverse background in business with passion, integrity and purpose. She has a doctorate in psychology with over a decade of inpatient therapy, psychological testing, and developing clinical plans. Her mission is as clear as a blue sky on a fog-less day. It radiates from within her heart. It is clear in the empire she leads and within the team she works with.
Tracy Mark Gaston, Chief Operations Officer
Tracy brings a business, entrepreneurial mind from over twenty years in business and over 14 years working in the field with people with special abilities. He started from the ground floor and worked his way to the top. His direct management style is necessary in this field as well as his drive and proven ability to deliver.
India Brantley, Account Executive
India Brantley brings expertise on Ruby after using it since inception. She is a wizard at Ruby. She is a top-notch problem solver and can help your organization with any of their customization needs. India brings a sense of calm and patience to teach the product and really enhance service quality.


“I don’t use computers, but when I came to Elegant, I was able to use Ruby with ease.”
Anonymous Direct Care Staff

“A ‘not-complicated system’ with all the necessities.”
Dan Smith, Options Unlimited Incorporated

“Communication is better because it is detailed and on point. No better system, straight and to the point without issues.”
Chantel Boswell, Elegant Clinical Corporation


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At Ruby we started with decades of hands on experience providing services for people with intellectual, developmental and mental health disabilities.  We then opened our own agency, Elegant Clinical Corporation, in 2012.  We quickly learned there was an ongoing need for our agency services. We also learned our industry needed a comprehensive, easy-to-use system for preparing and storing the thousands of pages of documen...

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