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What is Ruby Electronic Docs?

  • It's an app--which means you can use it wherever and whenever you want.

  • It's simple--which means you don't need lots of training to use it.

  • It doesn't cost a lot--so you can start using it today.


Why The Ruby Red App?

We’re direct service professionals and we are working in the field all the time.

We work with people with intellectual, developmental and mental health disabilities. And Ruby Red is the tool we always wished we had to help us to our job.

We know that when you are working with someone, administering meds, providing on-site training, scheduling family meetings and all the tasks that you must do every day – you don’t have time to write your notes or even find a computer to log in and click on the different screens to enter the information.

So, we developed an app so you can enter what you need to enter, when you need to enter it.

Here is how it is organized:

  • About your Clients: here is where you enter information about clients, family relationships, contact information and even their history and story.
  • About their Care: here is where you enter information about medications, emergency issues, treatment plans, outcomes and all that good stuff.
  • About the Schedules: here is where you keep track of office schedules, meetings, important dates and activities
  • About the Financials: here is where the billing and expenses are entered, social security benefits, and important information so that you protect the resources of the people you serve.

Basically, there is a place for everything you need to enter: progress notes, medication record, donor management, training records, attendance, work program, billing system for families to manage self-directed care, behavioral progress and … most important:

The goals that people set for themselves and the progress they are making!

Whether you are an individual caring for a family member or an organization providing services for hundreds of individuals with many direct care support staff … Ruby Red – The EMR App – can make a difference.

It has the capacity to accommodate both residential and vocational programming, eliminate redundancies and waste, provide rapid reports. Best of all no lengthy training is required – the system was designed for simplicity.

Like the gemstone which integrates two magical elements: fire and blood, ruby red is not just any color. It is a symbol of warmth and life for mankind. And we believe an app that holds precious information of people we care for should be the same.

Tracy Gaston
Contact me, Tracy Gaston at rubyelectronicdocs@gmail.com

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“This WAS us, past tense for sure.”

—Dr. Karen Lapienski, Ed.D.

—CEO Elegant Clinical Corporation

What does it cost?


per individual served (client)
Can be paid Quarterly or Yearly.
(NOTE: There is a one-time setup fee of $500)


Financial Assistance Applications for agencies who would love a system but cannot afford it.


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Where is the Ruby Server located?

The cloud service has multiple redundant locations. Right now Ruby is housed on a secure server in Atlanta, GA and backed up nightly both on and off-site (on an eSolve Server located in the capital region-near Albany). The website is SSL encrypted using SHA-256 with RSA Encryption (strong encryption).